Cara Cozy: A Survivor's Story

A Survivor's Fight Against Cancer.

Almost 6 years ago in Jan 2006, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was 29 years old, in my 2nd year of marriage, and ready to start a family.  My life was completely turned upside down.   I had Stage 1 Breast Cancer (three different kinds). I had a family history but never did I think I would have been diagnosed so early.  I found the lump myself.  My doctors kept telling me, “no mammogram until I was 35” (12 years before the age my mom was diagnosed).  If I waited to age of 35, I may not have been here today to tell my story and to ENFORCE men and women of all ages to raise awareness, raise money for research, be their own advocates and most importantly (for me) support me in my battle against the evil BC. I had a double mastectomy and 8 rounds of chemo.  I lost my hair, I lost 20-25lbs during chemo, and each day it took a lot of motivation to know that life mattered and that I mattered.   Over the past 5 years of meds, I gained the 20lbs back plus an additional 15-20lbs.  I was tired, I never had a full nights’ sleep because of the hot flashes from the medication.  I lived each day by day .  I counted down until 8.7.11 (my last day of meds).  I am ecstatic to say I am finished with all meds (hormone therapy and monthly shots). My doctors have given me the green light to try and start a family.  I am starting to get my energy back, my hair is longer now than when I lost it, I am working on losing the weight that I gained from all the meds.  I still living life day by day and looking forward to what the next chapter in my life may bring.  My husband and I have been dreaming for so long of our future when I would be cancer and med free and here it is! To many more years of life as a survivor!  

During the year of my diagnosis, over 200 family and friends came together to support me and started team Cara Cozy.  In year 2, I became team captain.  Every year in January (day I was diagnosed), I send an email to 300+ people and update them on the past year and how they can support me in the coming year.  From Jan until May, I send out monthly emails and from there I gain donations and walkers on my team.  We make team t-shirts, we meet in the same place every year as a team and after the walk we head to a bar to grab a bite to eat TOGETHER.  In the beginning of May, I look forward to over 100 family and friends walking in support of me and all the other women who have faced cancer.  My team to date (after 6 years) has raised over $150,000 for women’s cancers and the EIF Revlon Run/Walk.  My favorite moments of the walk are: turning around and seeing Cara Cozy t-shirts, one year I gave a t-shirt to Jimmy Fallon and another year I gave one to Tiki Barber.  Spreading the word about cancer and raising money to fight the evil BC are my mission.  I don’t want anyone at the age of 29 to be diagnosed, if I can help it, I would!


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