My Sister, A Remarkable Woman

Tami Toth and her team
Tami Toth and her team

Let's all join together and help every mother, sister, aunt and friend.

In 2003 my vibrant and beautiful mother, Anne, was diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine Cancer. With so much to live for, my mom fought with all her strength. Unfortunately, she lost her battle in 2008. My dad, my sister and my brother and I all thought we would never hear the words cancer and chemo again. We were wrong!

Four months after my mom died, Carrie, my sister and best friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. How could this be? My sister? She was only 43 and a mom of two young children. With the support of her husband and all of us who love her…Carrie fought hard and fortunately WON the battle. She is now cancer free! I’m so proud of her strength and her will to live. She’s really a remarkable woman.

Truth be told…the money we raise for the EIF Revlon Run/Walk does make a difference. Without money there can be no research, without research there can be no new treatments or better detection, without all of this there can be no cure to save the lives of our loved ones.

Research is working: my sister Carrie is cancer free for almost three years. Let’s all join together and help every mother, sister, aunt and friend. Now is the time for women’s cancers to feel the effect of us – our determination, our strength, our optimism, our REFUSAL to surrender.

-Tami Toth


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